Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Supervisor Gloria Molina receives suprise endorsement for bid to oust Jose Huizar

Friday's breaking news story that LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina was going to run to oust disgraced LA City Councilmember Jose Huizar from his all too comfortable incumbency in the impoverished Council District 14, came as welcome news to many.

Supervisor Molina has her eyes on Huizar's seat.
Huizar, who faces a sexual harassment trial in November and was also recently criticized for costing City residents $185,000 for a late night rear-end auto accident, was looking set to breeze through his 2015 reelection bid with a campaign warchest of $650,000 and no real competition. But all that changed with Friday's announcement that Molina would run for his seat.

Tuesday morning listeners to KABC 790AM's top-rated morning talk show host Doug McIntyre were treated to a preview of what promises to be the donnybrook of a political campaigns when McIntyre announced his support for Molina.

Describing Molina's challenge to Huizar as "God's gift to talk radio" McIntyre pledged his support for Molina not only because, according to longtime political adversary Supervisor Michael Antonovich, she is "an honorable person," but also because "she isn't Jose Huizar!" McIntyre said.

McIntyre was joined on air by LA Watchdog Jack Humpreville who revealed the latest "nugget" in the ongoing scandal surrounding the sexual harassment charges laid against Jose Huizar by his former 'top aide' Francine Godoy; Huizar had not only moved Godoy's office to be next to his, but has also had a doorway installed between the two offices. Humpreville said.

Speculation continues to mount as to how much Huizar's extra-marital affair will ultimately cost the residents of Los Angeles. The City has already approved paying $200,000 for attorneys to represent Huizar at trial, a sum likely to be dwarfed by any pre-trial settlement or jury award.

Should Huizar be found liable for sexually harassing Godoy, his may well "take full responsibility" for what he has characterized as a consensual relationship. Huizar has already taken "full responsibility" for his car accident, however, Huizar's understanding of the term "full responsibility" appears to exclude financial responsibility; he left it to the residents of Los Angeles to pick up the $185,000 tab for damages paid to the driver of the vehicle he plowed into at a red light.

Humpreville opined that voters in Huizar's district tend to be a "socially conservative group" and the sex scandal may hurt his reelection chances more than he thinks. That appears to be especially so with a viable, credible and respected opponent in the form of Molina.

Should Huizar be ousted in 2015, it will be a victory for those who see Huizar as nothing more than former Mayor Villaraigosa's mini-me; Huizar inherited Villaraigosa's council seat with the full support of the former Mayor, and has steadfastly approved council measures increasing costs on ratepayers.

Hailing Molina as the antithesis of Huizar's anti-resident record, Humpreville pointed out that Molina was a vocal opponent of a recently proposed County Storm water tax fee, "she stood up for the people." he said.

The same cannot be said for Huizar; he was an avid supporter of the ill-conceived Los Angeles City Measure B; a solar energy plan that would have cost Los Angelenos billions of dollars to basically only provide jobs at the DWP. Huizar was also opposed the creation of a DWP Ratepayers' Advocate; a position tasked with reviewing Department of Water and Power rate increases to weigh in on whether they are truly needed.

Needless to say, Huizar enjoys the support of the IBEW, the union representing DWP workers. Judging by the way former Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel fared in her electoral ambitions with a campaign similarly swelled by the IBEW, Huizar's seat on the City Council looks less and less secure, especially with Molina in the hunt.


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