Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Lies of Jeffrey Prang, Flimflam Man

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise did an excellent job dismantling the tissue of lies that has become the campaign to elect Jeffrey Prang to the position of LA County Assessor.

Before we add to the growing list of Prang lies, here's a rundown of what the Met News currently lists as the lies false and/or misleading claims by Jeffrey Prang (a.k.a. the Flimflam Man):

Lie #1: Prang's press release claims a "unanimous endorsement" by the Los Angeles Lodge of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.
Fact: A majority of 30 members in attendance (out of 200 CACA members) voted to endorse Prang. CACA President Eugene W. Moy told the Met News that Prang "cannot misrepresent the vote," a detail that Prang ignored in his press release.

Lie #2: "Prang orchestrated [disgraced, indicted Assessor John] Noguez' exit from the [Assessor's] Office."
Fact: Prang played no part in the charging of Noguez with 36 felony crimes. Noguez is still County Assessor, he's been on a paid leave of absence since 2012 while he awaits trial and is still collecting his annual salary of $201,392.00 plus benefits.

If Prang has any legitimate claim to being any part of Noguez' "exit," it is to ensuring that Noguez continues to receive a very substantial salary notwithstanding Prang's own condemnation of Noguez' misconduct. But then Prang is no stranger to misconduct. As both the Met News and the LA Times reports, in 1999 Prang had to publicly apologize for sexually harassing a West Hollywood City Employee at a gay pride gathering in Portland. It is unknown how much Prang's misconduct cost the City of West Hollywood.

Lie #3: "Mr. Prang, a Councilmember and four-time Mayor of West Hollywood, won the Primary Election on June 3rd and is seeking final confirmation by way of the November 4th General Election."
Fact: Prang did not "win" the primary - that's why he's in the runoff in November. Prang did rather poorly in the primary, polling only 18% of the vote despite a laundry list of endorsements from politicians who should know better. Head Deputy District Attorney John Morris polled 16% and does not claim that to be a win.

Lie #4: Prang claimed to be a "Los Angeles County Deputy Assessor" in his chosen Ballot Designation.
Fact: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant threw out Prang's chosen ballot designation stating "There's no such thing as a deputy city councilperson," Chalfant said. "There's a deputy to a city councilperson.... A deputy to the assessor is not the same thing as a deputy assessor."

The Prang lies have apparently impressed his bloated list of partisan political endorsers, however, they failed to impress the all-important media in their endorsement process; both the LA Times and the Daily News endorsed John Morris for County Assessor in the primary, and will likely do the same in the November runoff election.

That clearly has Prang worried. Very worried. Which brings us to the most recent Prang lies, not (yet) reported by the media:

Lie #5: "John Morris is a nice guy, but he's not qualified to be County Assessor." Spoken by Prang to an eager listener attending a recent political event.
Fact: Prang only holds the position of Special Assistant to John Noguez because Noguez hired him, it was essentially a public relations position, nothing more. It is actually Prang who lacks the requisite qualification for County Assessor; an Appraiser's license. Indeed, Prang's campaign website states that "He has completed a real estate appraisal training program," but it fails to mention that Prang has passed the exam to be a licensed appraiser; it is understood that Prang is not currently a licensed appraiser. John Morris, however, is a licensed appraiser, holds a real estate license, has worked as a real estate attorney, and has published research on real estate fraud. 

Lie #6: "John Morris is only running for [County] Assessor so that he can run for District Attorney later against Jackie Lacey." Prang told the same listener at the same event that this was " a rumor told to me by my campaign."
Fact: Morris has no intention to run for District Attorney. It is even more ludicrous to think that having the obscure ballot designation "County Assessor" would somehow be preferable to running as a "Criminal Prosecutor" or any number of prosecution-oriented ballot designations that Morris could use if he harbored any intent to run for DA.

The latest of Prang's lies shows as much of a disregard for truthfulness as it belies a certain desperation as Prang sees the November election slipping from his grasp. "Dirty tricksterism is all too common amongst politicos [like Prang]" a seasoned political observer noted. "Prang or his 'campaign' are probably trying to sow seeds of mistrust between Morris and Lacey -  two people who have the utmost respect for each other. Prang must be desperate." He said.

No amount of partisanship, no amount of endorsements, and no amount of special interest money can give Prang the power he so desperately wants. Los Angelenos have proven, time and time again at the polls, that they really don't like liars, and that appears to be Prang's sole claim to fame.

The Los Angeles Dragnet has no hesitation in endorsing John Morris for Los Angeles County Assessor.



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