Friday, October 10, 2014

Current and Former District Attorneys Honored at Re-dedication of Hall of Justice

It was an event that many doubted would ever happen; the re-opening for business of LA's iconic Hall of Justice, 20 years after it was red-tagged following the Northridge Earthquake. But after nine years of construction and a cost of around $231M, the Hall of Justice was re-dedicated on October 8, 2014.

The newly recommissioned Hall of Justice (right) with City Hall (left)
The doubters had good cause to scorn the ambitious plans to re-open the Hall of Justice. Delay after delay in construction and a financial crisis would have caused many to simply give up and sell the site to a developer. But for the resolve and commitment of then District Attorney Steve Cooley with the support of former Sheriff Lee Baca, the developers might have had their day. Instead, thanks largely to Cooley and Baca's efforts, on October 8, 2014, the people of Los Angeles had their day when the Hall of Justice was re-dedicated almost 90 years after it first opened its doors.

Keynote speaker DA Jackie Lacey hailed the Hall of Justice as a piece of living history.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey headed a long list of law enforcement and civic leaders to celebrate the re-opening of the Hall of Justice, "It's not a building, it's a piece of living history" Lacey said, recounting some of the building's historic events. Although Lacey oversaw the final two years of the project her predecessor Steve Cooley started, she paid tribute to Cooley for his success in establishing the Hall of Justice as the home of the DA's Office management, special trial units and Bureau of Investigation.

Former DA Steve Cooley was recognized for his success in securing the Hall of Justice as
the future headquarters for the DA's Office.
Cooley was joined by former DAs Robert Philibosian (1981-1984) and Ira Reiner (1984-1992). The DA's Office will occupy 6 of the 11 upper floors of the Hall of Justice and ready access to the courtrooms in the Criminal Justice Center will be facilitated by a tunnel connecting the buildings.

The renovation of the Hall of Justice has resulted in a truly impressive building. It's imposing exterior is perhaps only surpassed by the magnificence it's interior. 

The first floor entrance to the Hall of Justice
Ira Reiner, Jackie Lacey, Steve Cooley, Robert Philibosian (left to right)

"You feel like you're walking into a place where important decisions are made that affect the lives of others," DA Jackie Lacey said at the re-dedication ceremony. Few would disagree.


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