Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dream Team Lacey, McDonnell and Morris; Hailed as the Trifecta to Clean Up LA

With five weeks to go before the runoff election that will decide LA County's next Sheriff and Assessor, the prestigious downtown City Club Los Angeles was the setting for a fundraiser for front-running Sheriff's candidate Jim McDonnell.

LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey introduces keynote speaker Tommy Lasorda
at the City Club Los Angeles fundraiser for Jim McDonnell for Sheriff
The event, co-hosted by District Attorney Jackie Lacey and former District Attorney Steve Cooley, was headlined by keynote speaker former LA Dodger's Manager Tommy Lasorda. A crowd of around a hundred, comprising judges, lawyers, law enforcement, business and community leaders attended the event, all doubtless keen to get some face time with LA's next Sheriff. While McDonnell's campaign gathers steam ahead of the November 4, 2014 election, rival Paul Tanaka's campaign continues to march to the tune of the death watch beetle.

While many expect McDonnell to win handily and become the first 'outsider' to be elected Sheriff, another outsider was also in attendance; LA County Assessor candidate Head Deputy District Attorney John Morris.

Former DA Steve Cooley (right) with the Dream Team;
John Morris for Assessor, DA Jackie Lacey, and Jim McDonnell for Sheriff (left to right)

Like McDonnell, Morris has swept the media endorsements with the LA Times most recently telling its readers that in the complex L.A. County assessor race, "John Morris is the better choice" over political parvenu and flimflam man Jeffrey Prang.

Cooley, who has endorsed and supported Lacey, McDonnell and Morris, said that if the voters get it right on November 4, they will be "rewarded by a trifecta who will restore honesty, integrity and leadership in Los Angeles County."

It's persuasive argument. Both the Sheriff's Department and the Assessor's Office have been plagued with scandal after scandal, attributable perhaps to poor leadership, partisanship and voter apathy. It's an old cliche, but it is time for change, and electing genuine candidates with proven track records rather than proven political career paths, is precisely what Los Angeles needs.


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