Monday, December 1, 2014

There's a New Sheriff in Town - Jim McDonnell Sworn-In as Sheriff of LA County

Less than a year after announcing his bid to become the first outsider to be elected Sheriff of Los Angeles County in over 100 years, Jim McDonnell was today sworn-in as Sheriff.

(Photo credit: John McCoy, Los Angeles Daily News)
McDonnell, looking good in green, was joined at the podium by outgoing interim Sheriff John Scott, together with his wife Kathey and daughter Megan, as Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey had the honor of swearing in McDonnell at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

For Lacey the moment must have been particularly satisfying; Lacey, together with former DA Steve Cooley, formed the core of McDonnell's campaign, a campaign so successful that McDonnell came within a percentage point of winning election outright in the primary election. In the runoff election that followed, McDonnell won by a crushing margin, a victory that owed as much to McDonnell's character and reputation, as it did to having the powerful endorsement, guidance and support of Lacey and Cooley.

For McDonnell, his successful election as LA County Sheriff is a another milestone in a career that has seen him rise through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department to become former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton's second in command, before becoming Long Beach Police Chief. McDonnell was widely tipped to succeed Bratton as LAPD Chief, but lost out to Charlie Beck. It's a loss that McDonnell likely does not regret; while Beck serves at the pleasure of the Mayor of Los Angeles, and must often bow to political wishes regarding law enforcement, McDonnell now finds himself in a more powerful position where he can truly stamp his mark on law enforcement in LA County free from political whims and wishes. That is especially so given crushing electoral victory he obtained.

McDonnell's success in law enforcement was recently recognized by the Los Angeles Police Protective League at their annual Eagle & Badge Awards Dinner.

Former District Attorney Steve Cooley presents Sheriff-elect Jim McDonnell with the
prestigious Line of Duty award at the LAPPL's Eagle & Badge Gala November 19, 2014
(Photo credit: William Kidston)
Former District Attorney Steve Cooley presented McDonnell with the LAPPL's prestigious 'Line of Duty' award at the Eagle & Badge Gala on November 19, 2014. The award, Cooley said, was a tribute to McDonnell's stellar career in law enforcement, encompassing 29 years with the LAPD where McDonnell received the highest award for bravery; the Medal of Valor, as well as his tenure at Long Beach Police Chief, prior to becoming Sheriff elect.

Much is expected of McDonnell, but few doubt that he is precisely the right person to head up the nation's fourth largest law enforcement agency. He brings with him not only a wealth of relevant personal experience, but cadre of experienced and influential civic and law enforcement leaders who will help him to cary out his electoral mandate to restore the prestige and honor of the Sheriff's Department. The Dragnet wishes Sheriff Jim McDonnell every success for the future.


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