Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Which Way ADDA? Pt 8 - Guide to Voting to Disaffiliate

Many Deputy District Attorneys will have now received their ballots. The time has come for DDAs to make a decision; vote to DISAFFILIATE and allow the Association of Deputy District Attorneys to become independent, or remain shackled to AFSCME - the big labor group that has taken $1M in dues from DDAs over the past three years, and has delivered nothing of substance in return.

BOLO ALERT! Be on the lookout for an envelope in your mail like this:
The ballot is contained inside a letter that should look like the one depicted above
and should not be confused with junk mail from AFSCME.
It's a thick envelope and should not be mistaken for junk mail like the forged AFSCME mailer that purported to be from three "law enforcement and public safety colleagues" but was apparently a rather crass attempt to fool DDAs into remaining "in solidarity" with AFSCME. A recent comment from ADDA Executive Vice President Jeff McGrath confirmed the Dragnet's suspicions that the forgery was produced entirely "in house" by AFSCME.

Inside the envelope DDAs will find 3 important items, the ballot, an envelope to contain the ballot, and a return envelope to contain the envelope containing the completed ballot.

The ballot looks like this:
The ballot should look like the one above. The vote indicated is for guidance only.
Having placed your 'X' clearly in the box of your choice, place the ballot inside the ballot envelope:
The completed ballot envelope should look like the example above
with the voter's printed name and signature.
 Having placed the completed ballot inside the ballot envelope, DDAs should print and sign their name where indicated, and then place the ballot envelope inside the return envelope:
The ballot envelope is placed inside the postage-paid return envelope
and should be promptly mailed.
Mail the return envelope without delay. All ballots must be received by January 7, 2015.

Voting in ADDA matters has historically seen a bafflingly low number of votes cast. In the original vote that resulted in affiliation with AFSCME, less than 50% of those eligible to vote, actually participated. With the benefit of hindsight, and the irrefutable evidence that three years of AFSCME cost DDAs $1M with nothing in return, hopefully more DDAs will recognize the importance of this vote, and participate.

A substantial number of DDAs have no vote at all. They are likely people who are philosophically opposed to organized labor for professionals. Nevertheless, they are forced to pay union dues. While they do not have a vote in this important matter, they are not without a voice. They can, and should speak to their fellow DDAs, and ask the simple question "Are you a fee-paying ADDA member with a vote in disaffiliation?" and encourage them to vote to disaffiliate from AFSCME.

Non ADDA members may be surprised to learn that many ADDA members are in favor of terminating AFSCME's piss-poor representation of their interests. A partial list of DDAs in favor of getting rid of AFSCME appears in a document supplied with the ballot:

Non ADDA members are encouraged to contact those with a vote and express their support. They can also place a message on the ADDA board - a post it note, saying "Please axe AFSCME."

Unrepresentative, unresponsive, under-performing organized labor groups like AFSCME thrive in an atmosphere where voters are apathetic and arcane rules stifle freedom of speech. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to break the stranglehold that AFSCME has over DDAs. This is not a time to be silent. Have your say.

For up to date information on the disaffiliation vote,  please visit the pro-Disaffiliation website:

In the interests of fair and balanced reporting, here is the AFSCME sponsored website:



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was one thing in the ballot stuff that I got that you did not mention - the 4 pages of information from AFSCME listing all the things they do for DDAs. Like using union dues to pay $159k a year to a "Business Representative."

They tell us that the Business Representative will NOT work for the ADDA if we disaffiliate.

So I was wondering, Marc, once you succeed in disaffiliating from AFSCME,can I please apply for that job?

I have the qualifications: I can use a photocopier, and I can also hire employment lawyers to represent DDAs with grievances. Oh, and when the next round of negotiations happens, I can also recommend that the ADDA accepts what the County offers.

Do I get the job?

nohumansinvolved said...

Lol! You definitely are qualified. This was the first I heard it was $159,000. They told us $130,000 when we first affiliated, so apparently our business representative managed to get himself raises over the past three years of affiliation totaling $29,000, or approximately $10,000.00 a year. During that same time he got us all equivalent raises. Oh, sorry, no he didn't. Nor did he manage to get us anything close to that, though AFSCME wants to take credit for the 6% everyone gotno thanks to AFSCME. Merry Christmas. If you didn't get your ballot by now please contact Todd Rouds at (949) 724-1880 or
Please vote, preferably to DISAFFILIATE, but your vote either way will give insight and direction to the Board and help decide the future of the ADDA,
Marc Debbaudt
Any problems contact me at (818h 489-9603
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year