Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rick Orlov, Veteran Los Angeles Political Reporter - Dead at 66

With much sadness, we report the passing of Rick Orlov, one of the greatest and most respected political reporters in Los Angeles.

Rick worked for the LA Daily News, and was generally found in and around "the horseshoe" - the inner sanctum of Los Angeles City Hall. Rick privately fought a battle with diabetes, but never let it interfere with his work.

Remarkably, when a certain politician felt aggrieved by something Rick had written and insisted on a 'face to face' meeting, Rick responded by saying "I'm having dialysis at the moment, so if you want a meeting, you'll have to come here [the dialysis center]."

The politician and his entourage indeed descended on Rick who listened attentively to politician while attached to a dialysis machine. Despite the politician's remonstrations, Rick was unmoved and declined to bend to the politician's will.

Rick was a king amongst princes, and will be sorely missed. RIP Rick Orlov.

Please read Rick's obituary at the Los Angeles Daily News.

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