Wednesday, December 16, 2015

LADA Confidential Launches

It seems that the recent silence of the Dragnet has left many without a sounding board to air their views. Whether it was the DA Election, the ADDA's struggle to free itself from the 'old guard,' or the dual disasters of AB109 and Prop 47, DDAs clearly had opinions. Sometimes those opinions were aired on the Dragnet, more often than not, many failed to see the light of day due to 'moderation.'

DDA Michael Fern has take the bold step to give DDAs a place to air their views, share information, and communicate. Fern has launched

Fern, who revamped the ADDA's website, promises a secure environment for DDAs (I-IV only), where a free exchange of news and views can take place. Use of the website is free, but subject to terms and conditions that users can view prior to joining.

DDAs can sign up for a user account at Let the posting begin!

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Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't been blogging because of your doomed attempt to become a judge. It won't work, Berger, your history of being an outspoken, opinionated, biased bully won't go away that easily. There are still many, many DDAs who resent what you did to damage Carmen Trutanich's career, so be ready for some payback.