Monday, February 1, 2016

ADDA Board Elections - Members Urged to Vote for Slate

The Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys has seen a dramatic transformation since President Marc Debbaudt assumed the helm and followed through on his campaign promise to lead the ADDA away from the acrimonious, self-serving 'crazy days' of former 'leaders' Steve Ipsen and Hyatt Seligman.

Another of Debbaudt's promises was to lead the ADDA away from its unholy affiliation with big labor. He succeeded in kicking out AFSCME, ending a shot-gun marriage in hell orchestrated by Ipsen/Seligam that cost members dearly as AFSCME did nothing but suck money from members and providing nothing in return - unless you count admittedly excellent sandwiches at meetings and photocopying services.    

Few would doubt that today's ADDA is infinitely more representative of the rank and file members and dedicated to the well-being of all, rather than the personal agendas of the few. Debbaudt now proposes to follow through on another promise - to allow the members to elect new leaders to continue the true mission of the ADDA - to cooperatively and effectively represent the needs and interests of its members. To that end, Debbaudt is urging members to vote for a slate of new leaders who share that goal.

Members wishing to follow Debbaudt's recommendation should complete their ballots as above.
If ADDA members follow Debbaudt's recommendation and 'vote the slate,' the new Board of Directors will likely be the most effective board in recent history; far better able to work with the administration cooperatively and meaningfully towards improving conditions for the rank and file.

For what it's worth, the Dragnet endorses 'the slate.'


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nohumansinvolved said...

Thanks, Los Angeles Dragnet!
Vote for the slate!
Marc Debbaudt
Hopefully former President of ADDA