Monday, April 11, 2016

Former DA Garcetti "I never wanted Marcia Clark on OJ trial"

The FX mini series 'The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story" has reopened debate on many of the missteps taken leading to Simpson's acquittal over 25 years ago. Former District Attorney Gil Garcetti has now weighed in with his perspective in this exclusive New York Post interview.

Among Garcetti's observations; "She wasn't my choice - I didn't pick her" he said of lead prosecutor Marcia Clark, adding "she didn't heed the advice of our trial consultant" Garcetti told the New York Post.

Garcetti blames the 1994 earthquake for the need to hold the trial of the century in downtown Los Angeles rather than in Santa Monica, claiming the aged Santa Monica Courthouse was "wrecked by the earthquake," although many recall 'security concerns' as being the stated reason at the time.

For more of Garcetti's revelations, read the full article here.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Gil Garcetti has ever heard of a case called Wheeler?

Allan Dollison said...

The late Vince Bugliosi (who wrote a book about the trial) stated that Garcetti's reasoning was actually so he could get publicity. His office was in downtown. If trial had been held in Santa Monica, he would have gotten less press coverage. He was running for re-election in 2 years and thus he needed it. Bugliosi pointed out that a Santa Minuca based jury pool would likely not had been as overwhelmingly African-American thus that single decision was the most likely factor in absolutely dooming the case.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I think Bugliosi only partly right. Garcetti wanted the case downtown for lots of reasons like being able to micro-manage the trial. I don't understand him saying he didn't want Marcia Clark on the case - he was the DA and could have easily changed her. Problem was that once he put the case downtown, nobody wanted the case.