Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ex LA City Attorney Trutanich Under Fire From State Bar

The LA Times broke the news late Wednesday night that former LA City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich is facing charges of Prosecutorial Misconduct brought by the State Bar.

According to The Times, the charges arise from a case Trutanich prosecuted in the 1980's where he either negligently or deliberately failed to provide the defense with the true name of an eye witness to a gangland drive-by slaying, and allowed a witness to testify falsely.

The case itself formed the centerpiece of Trutanich's 2009 campaign when he was elected as City Attorney, and it was at the core of his failed 2012 bid to become District Attorney. Trutanich claimed that while he was investigating that case, he was the victim of an assassination attempt at Green Meadows Park in South Central LA.

The Dragnet led the charge that showed Trutanich's claims were false.

Trutanich had claimed to have come under fire from gang members, and was only saved by the fortuitous intervention of a DA Investigator, who claimed he had heard a "Shots Fired!" emergency broadcast and came to Trutanich's rescue.

While little doubt remains that the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt was a a political stunt, it was not known that Trutanich could face State Bar discipline for his prosecution of the underlying case. The LA Times has revealed that if the State Bar charges are proven to be true, "Trutanich could face disbarment, suspension and other sanctions, depending on what the State Bar Court recommends" The LA Times said. This time, it seems, Trutanich really is under fire.


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